Who can volunteer:

Anyone can volunteer and you may volunteer in multiple years.

- You must have basic high school education as a starting point.

- Varying skills are needed and so we may just find your skill sets very helpful. 

- You must also have someone who is willing to guarantee your good behavior. Please remember that this is a very serious opportunity for people looking to gain experience, network, improve their CVs and skills, to learn and to have some fun whiles doing it. only serious interest please

If you are on this page, you in interested in volunteering for Black Star International Film Festival. Welcome and I look forward to meeting you.

My name is Sheila Addo-Yobo...
Arts thrive my passion and so anything about the Creative Arts Industry becomes a motivation to work on in achieving my goal to become a fantastic filmmaker. Being a volunteer at the BSIFF 2017 offers a great platform to enjoy the educational benefits and networking opportunities which comes with appreciating the local industry and beyond.

To you or someone you know to volunteer, scroll down...


But first, some FAQ


Will volunteers be paid:

No. Please note that this is a non paying opportunity. On very rare occasions, volunteers may be assisted with transportation. However, volunteers who are able to pay their own way for the life-time of the project stand a better chance of getting picked. Please remember that we are giving you a an opportunity. Do not apply if this is not an opportunity


Why do I need a guarantor:

Your guarantor will guarantee your good behavior and be partly responsible for you. In the past, we have had some bad experiences. We are confident that we will not have any issues with you though


When is the project:

BSIFF happens from August 18-21. You must be willing to work all of August. Depending on your schedule and the task you are given, you may be required to start work 3 or more months to the event. On application, let us know what your availability is

When will I be informed if I am chosen:

This is a very important question. Note that many times, applications may out number the number of spaces available. We will endeavor to give everyone an opportunity, but unfortunately not everyone can make it through. Due to the load of work, we will only contact you if you have been chosen. if you do not make it through, kindly consider reapplying the following year

Finally, when you apply, feel free to tell us what you have done in the past, your skills sets and what you feel you can do very well. mention any skill that you have, you never know just what we might need!



What kind of skills do I need:

We do need quite a lot of hands for the festival to run smoothly. Skill-sets needed range from clerical, marketing, administrative, organizational, Videography etc. Just let us know what you are good at and we will find work for your beautiful hands.

Does this opportunity have a timeline:

As in everything, the earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting in. This is a rolling opportunity. Which means that we may continue to call people in until the very end of the festival. However, for training purposes, where needed, we recommend that you indicate interest early. It is distantly possible that intake may close two weeks to the event.

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