Goodwill message to BSIFF

It's not often that a new face shows up on the world screen, so speaking as a Canadian filmmaker and media professor, I am delighted to witness Ghana's appearance on the international film festival circuit. It is a bold and timely step that marks this vibrant country's growing maturity and evolving sureness of self.

 With the creation of the Black Star International Film Festival, Ghana steps into the international lime light, bringing with it a fresh voice rarely heard internationally. A voice full of exuberance, unique cultural wealth, and the driving energy of a nation joyfully finding its feet.

 Film festivals around the world are outstanding opportunities for filmmakers, both established and up and coming, to share ideas about the evolution of narrative, about the impact of technologies on the capturing of images, as well as their impact on storytelling. They are also economic drivers and centres for cultural diplomacy and exchange. And now, finally, Ghana has a venue that lets it share its cultural wealth and the freshness of its vision with the rest of the world. Welcome Ghana: the world awaits you."

 Helga-Liz Haberfellner - Advisor to BSIFF