We are focused on the 'Business of Film'

Creating connections through film and bridging the gap between African cinema and the world

“Ghana is a critical voice in the region. We continue to impact the industry in very interesting ways. The festival will serve as a rallying point to connect the dots...”

— Juliet Asante, Founding President

Our Mission

BSIFF is a non for profit creating global connections through film and helping to bridge the gap between African cinema and the world. We are a festival focused on the Business of film and advocacy in the region. Our goal is to create a platform where filmmakers can learn, network, do business and celebrate their craft within an African context, opening doors of opportunity for the filmmakers and audiences attending our festival.

Advocacy in the region

Festivals create the opportunities for industry to thrive. When industry thrives, Jobs are created, cultural exchanges are enhanced, global corporation and investments happen, local tourism picks up, etc.

Major gaps in industry within Ghana and the rest of Africa means that African Cinema, is unable to compete favorably on the world stage. This has created a wide gap that not only affects the business of film, but also limits the ability of film to serve as a cultural diplomacy tool and job creator in a region that needs both these things desperately.

The goal of the organization is to work to close these gaps. To create a bridge between filmmakers in the region and the world, which will lead to the exchange of cultures, create employment, enhance investments in the sector and generally improve the skill sets and opportunities within the sector in the region, whiles building opportunities for filmmakers all over the globe...

“Somewhere on this planet, it all comes together...
You have made your film. It is time to show it to audiences and distributors. You may also want to learn about what it takes to successfully take your film to market. Let us help you do that.”