When do submissions open?

Submissions open February 1st. You will have to submit through our main submissions partner, filmfreeway or Festhome. Follow link from the take action page. There you will see all the dates and categories, as well as festival submission policies. Please read these very carefully.

What are the formats accepted?

If you have an online link to your film, kindly send us your online link and your password. Ensure that you do not change the password until the festival is over. You will also be required to send us a digital copy of your film to address CT9488, Cantonments, Accra Ghana. We do not accept DVDs with stickers. Kindly use a marker to write the clearly the title of your film, the Director and the duration of your film

Is there a submission fee?

Yes. There is a highly subsidized submission fee

When is the festival

The festival is in August. Kindly visit filmfreeway or Festhome to get the dates and plan your schedule accordingly

What do you mean when you say that the BSIFF is focused on the business of film?

We understand that filmmakers need to focus on making their films. However, at the end of the day, your film will have to be seen and you will need an audience to make your money back, in order to make another film. We also understand the difficulty around understanding the distribution process. This however is a critical process for the filmmaker. We are therefore committed to helping to close some of those gaps. We do this through workshops, panels sessions, networking opportunities with networks, distributors and other talents and all other opportunities and activities that may help the filmmaker appreciate the path to market.

What will the screening format be?

The screening format is digital. Only DCP and Bluray will be accepted for final screening. We advice that you add an additional DVD as a backup. Keep in mind that it is in your interest that the best quality of your film is screened. Kindly remember to send in 3 copies of your DVD