Ghana signs MOU to show Ghanaian focused content at Ghanaian Missions Globally


The Black Star International Film Institute, organizers of the Black Star International Film Festival, on the 6th of June, with a delegation from the National Film and Television Institute and the BUSAC Fund, joined the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs and Regional Integration to sign an MOU to work with the Ministry to show Ghanaian promotional content on Ghanaian culture, education and the youth, Trade, investments and education local content at all Missions (Embassies) around the world.

The signing of the MOU was an outcome of ongoing discussions amongst the parties on how to use Ghana missions abroad to promote social, cultural and economic interests of Ghanaians through film and related content. The goal will be to take the opportunity that the missions present to the visitor, to inform, educate, sell and reinforce the desire to know more about Ghana and visit Ghana either as a Tourist or investor. 


This advocacy initiative has been a key focus of the Institute and together with our partners, we are grateful to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration and the Minister for welcoming the initiative and working with us to make this a policy. 

We also say a big thank you to our partners the BUSAC fund for their support and we look forward to working closely with the National Film and Television Institute to bring ultimate value to Ghana in the long term.

We are excited about what this means for Ghana as a whole to sell itself at key points of contact around the world and the opportunity it also brings to filmmakers and content makers  to have the opportunity to expose their work to the world and reach new audiences 


A press conference will follow in due course to announce the details of the agreement between the Ministry and the Black Star International Film Institute, organizers of the Black Star International Film Festival.